Crowns & Bridges

For Your Restoration Dentistry

Dresden Dental has solutions that can restore strength to your smile. Crowns and bridges protect teeth that are cracked or broken. Problem teeth that have been filled several times can become weakened when there is more filling than tooth. Facial trauma can result in teeth that are broken off near the gum line, but still have a healthy root. If the roots and jaw structure are healthy and strong, extraction isn’t always the best option. Crowns and bridges can restore these teeth to create a natural looking smile.

What Is A Crown?
Also known as caps, crowns cover the remainder of the existing tooth resulting in a replica that appears authentic and natural. Dr. Khalaf will begin by preparing the remainder of a broken tooth. The crown is then inserted over the existing tooth and cemented into place. Crowns are strong and durable and indistinguishable from natural teeth.

A bridge is composed of two or more crowns attached together with a prosthetic tooth between them. If you have teeth missing, a bridge helps maintain the structure and alignment of your remaining teeth. Leaving gaps can result in shifting or weakened adjacent teeth. Where a gap exists, teeth on the lower jaw can protrude and teeth on the upper jaw can drop. The procedure for a bridge is similar to a crown. The teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared for attaching and supporting the bridge.

Whether you require crowns or bridges, Dr. Khalaf will discuss the best option to restore your smile to its natural beauty.

If you live in the Dresden, Chatham, Petrolia, or Wallaceburg area and would like to learn more about crowns & bridges, contact the Dresden Dental Office.