New Patient Exam

Your History Is Our Concern

Dr. Khalaf wants your first visit to Dresden Dental to be a pleasant one. We will ask you for a complete dental and medical history. All this information is very important to us. Knowing your full medical history helps us keep you safe and healthy while we are performing our procedures.

Our team members begin by using the latest technology to assess your dental health. Digital x-rays help us see areas of your teeth that may not be visible. Combined with the use of oral cameras, we can get an accurate and complete picture of your oral health.

Once Dr. Khalaf understands your dental needs, he will discuss your procedures with you. He will also explain any concerns he may have regarding the health of your teeth, how certain procedures may affect you, and what you can expect from your visits with us.

If you have any concerns, fears or questions, now is the time to speak up. We want you to be fully informed about what we are doing, what you may experience and how best to care for your teeth properly.

Each of our patients receives personalized care and attention that results in a happy, healthy smile you can be proud of.

Don’t Forget!
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first appointment and bring a complete list of your medications. Don’t forget to bring us contact information for any other doctors you are seeing as well as previous dentists you may have visited.