Full and Partial Dental Appliances

You can restore your smile with the team at Dresden Dental even if you have suffered catastrophic tooth loss. Whether it has been caused by facial trauma, disease or improper care, your tooth loss is nothing to be ashamed of.

Save Face – Literally!
You may fear the embarrassment of everyone knowing that your teeth are not the ones you were born with. However, if you have suffered major tooth loss, not getting dentures can cause your facial structures to degenerate. This may result in sagging facial features and shifting of remaining teeth. Besides the added difficulties of biting and chewing, this can result in further health problems.

Natural Look and Fit
Advanced technology now allows us to create dentures that are more natural looking, stronger, more comfortable and fully functional. Dentures are customized for a look and fit that allows you to live a normal life of eating, drinking and socializing.

Fixed Dentures
Due to bone density and other dental health issues, Dr. Khalaf may recommend fixed dentures. Fixed dentures are attached to dental implants that are permanently fixed to the jawbone. As a result, there is no movement of dentures while chewing. In addition, dental implants help preserve the strength and integrity of the jaw bone.

For a patient who is missing large sections of teeth, partial dentures are a solution for restoring a broken smile. The removable appliance is designed to snap on and is matched to the neighboring teeth in colour and texture creating an uninterrupted, natural smile.

Dresden Dental provides full and partial denture services for residents living in Dresden, Chatham, Petrolia, and Wallaceburg.