Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Smiles for Infants, Children, and Adolescents

At Dresden Dental, we believe that dental health care should begin with the appearance of a child’s first teeth. Pediatric dentistry consists of the monitoring and maintenance of young smiles as they grow into adulthood.

Children are less likely to be afraid of the dentist and dental procedures if they are exposed to it from a young age. Procedures are much easier to perform on children if the experience is pleasant and not frightening.

A Forming Mouth
As a child grows and matures, so does their bone structure. This includes the teeth and jaws. Children who visit the dentist regularly can be monitored for proper growth and formation of their teeth. Dr. Khalaf can observe changes and make sure that potential problems are caught and corrected before they cause greater difficulty.

A Developing Mouth
Children have special dental requirements. Loss of baby teeth is a normal stage in the growth of every child. However, abnormal development, traumatic tooth loss and poor dental hygiene can affect a child’s teeth much differently and cannot necessarily be treated in the same manner as an adult.

Give your child the care that will help them develop a smile that will last a lifetime.

Dresden Dental provides pediatric services for residents living in Dresden, Chatham, Petrolia, and Wallaceburg.