Dental Hygiene

"Check Up" On Your Oral Health

Dresden Dental provides full service check-ups and cleanings. It is important that you schedule these visits with us on a regular basis. Your check-up includes a cleaning, polishing, and full oral examination.

Between check-ups it is important for you to maintain a dental care regimen that helps you maintain strong teeth and healthy gums. Proper dental hygiene means that you will be less likely to require our additional services - and that’s a good thing!


Good dental hygiene is the combination of flossing, brushing and getting regular dental cleanings and checkups to keep your teeth free of plaque, a bacteria that can cuse tooth decay and gum disease.

At Dresden Dental we understand you have a busy life, but we also care about your health and want to do all we can to help you maintain excellent dental hygiene, so you can preserve your smile for a lifetime.